learn how to

love & free yourself more

through art journaling

  • If this is you:

i want to create so badly,
but i simply do not have the time!

i feel less creative and feel overwhelmed
by all the creatives out there

i want to love myself more and live a
positive & happy SELF CREATED life
but i don't know how!

i look up to other creatives online because
they look more creative / smart / wise/whatever…

other people’s lives on Facebook and Instagram rock
i feel my life doesn't meet up

i have so many dreams, but no time to even
start writing them down?

i want to live more free & do the things
that matter to me every single day

  • would you rather just love yourself. free yourself from all your limiting beliefs and create anything & everything you love?!

need help with that?


  • what is in this class?
  • 4 modules
  • 12 lessons
  • 22 realtime art video's
  • 12 speed up art video's
  • 12 happy worksheets
  • 12 play "assignments"
  • 12 inspirational video's
  • 12 unique printable quotes
  • LOTS of pictures
  • pdf with art supply list
  • movitvation video's from me
  • 24/7 access!

module 1: Breathe, trust & let go

  • I am enough
  • deal with limiting beliefs
  • face fears

module 2: Upclose & personal

  • fanmail
  • start your day with positivity
  • you ate age 4

module 3: Creative Confidence

  • make mistakes
  • courageous play
  • choose happiness

module 4: Screw it, let's do this!

  • focus
  • the NO train
  • visualize
  • here's what you'll learn

you are going to give yourself permission to play

you will be creative on a daily basis, you are going
to claim your ME time

you will learn how to say NO

you will deal with your limiting beliefs
in a creative way

you will stop finding excuses, and find reasons
why being creative on a daily basis is good for your soul

you are going to trust, breath & let go

you are going to face your fears in a save way

you are going to find out how it feels if you start
your day with positivity

being grateful is going to be your mantra

you will write your 4 year old self a healing letter

you are going to learn that it is OK to make mistakes

you are going to play courageous

you are going to learn how to choose happiness

FOCUS is going to be your middle name

you are going to visualize the life you love and dream of





Most importantly you are going to work on loving yourself more for 12 weeks. Through art journaling. This is NOT an 'normal' art class, I will not teach art techniques.

But you will see my interpretation and how I made my art journal for every week. In speedup and realtime, so everybody can enjoy watching at their preferred pace.





The art video's are there to motivate you, to get you going, to have an idea, to get your motor running <3. Every week we'll "tackle" another theme. There's NO RIGHT OR WRONG way to do this.
  • and who's teaching?
Revlie, creative inspirator and motivator

Revlie is a creative life motivator & inspirator.

Hello sweetheart! My name is Revlie Schuit (1974) and I am together with my best friend Arjan (for 26 years now!). We are the lucky bastards to raise Sanne (2003) en Ruben (2007).

I teach online art workshops & classes, giving creatives the permission to play through mixed media, art journaling and creative business planning. I am a strong believer that EVERYBODY is creative, you just have to train your creativity!

I laugh too loud, I talk too much I am VERY VERY VERY impatient (are we there yet?!), I love to dress in flowery & colorful dresses and dye my hair pink.

I really have created my own happy creative life and would love to learn you how to create yours!

  • what is it gonna cost?

only 197 euro's!

and if you are a loyal subscriber to my newsletter you'll get a whopping discount of 50 euro's and only pay 147 euro's! (you will receive the discount code by email)

  • what do others say?
Revlie is down-to-earth, funny, positive, creative and venturous. her words are uplifting and inspiring. she shows her real life, with ups & downs and how she deals with them. she always seems to turn something negative into something positive, and that inspires me to live like that too! I admire her how she always manages to claim her me-time, even with a crazy busy schedule. I just love to follow her classes, they make me feel creative, down-to-earth and i feel free.
Danielle Muitthe Netherlands
Revlie always manages to write the right things on exactly the right moments. she looks at things with a fresh perspective and helps me to start thinking. i love to follow her classes, even if i’m down and out, i always feel better after i did log in to the class!
Annemieke Keizerthe Netherlands
every class Revlie teaches is just one big party. Revlie is enthusiastic, inspired, unique and original. her classes are very clear with a good explanation and a hint of humor here and there. she’s very accessible if you have any questions and she’s always willing to help you. I always get very inspired by her!
Sandra Scheepstrathe Netherlands
Revlie took away my fears and motived me to claim more me-time, even with a crazy busy schedule. Following her classes I learned how to break free from the "I am not talented enough block" classes. She learned me how to just let go and play with colors, it gave me absolutely freedom in creating paintings, creating mixed media canvasses and art journals. I can assure you, the price of her classes resulted for me in mental peace and creative freedom. Yes.. I can be creative too now. She learned me that nothing can go wrong, that playing with these delicious paintings is so much fun to do. Actually following these courses with her inspiring way of teaching was a priceless return of investment.
Myran Vonkthe Netherlands
My name is Carole Morrison......I live in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. I've been in contact with my friend, Revlie Schuit, for several years now! How I learned of her and her amazing talents I have no clear recollection. That being said, her artwork is amazing......and every single piece has a "piece of her soul" contained within!! My biggest thrill would be to, some day, meet her in person, sit together with her and "create"!! If you get a chance to either take a workshop by Revlie, or follow her on line, I am certain that your soul will be fed as mine is every time!! My dear friend is beautiful inside AND out!! I will always sing her praises!!! Have a wonderful day...... Carole from Chicago
Carole MorrisonChicago, USA
Revlie is so full of energy and compassion for others. Her art is so whimsical and always inspires me to pull out those colorful supplies that have been getting dusty on the desk. I have known Revlie for years and have been so impressed by her ability to take difficult life situations and turn them around into fuel for art and a more positive response. She is dynamic and bold and encourages others to be the same. Her class gave me the push I needed to put down the phone and create instead of just thinking about it!
Denise MorrisonUSA
  • got questions?

is this an art class?

nope. not really. this is to learn to love & free yourself more through art journaling. i will show you all my art journal pages i made for this class in speed up video's, but also in real time. but i will not explain what i do. it's only to have a reference, an example of how i work, and how i interpreted the lessons. i DO offer creative classes, you can find them HERE.

do i have forever access?

YES you do! the class will go live on October 1st, and every week you'll receive a new lesson (for 12 weeks). After that, you can access all of the lessons whenever you want, for ever and ever.

is there a facebook group?

YES there is, but it's not obligation at all. do what feels good for you, you are very welcome, and following this class together is very helpful, but if you prefer not to join the group, that's ok to. do what feels good to you.

can i have my money back?

if you are not happy with the class or the content, you can let me know, so we can find a solution together. ofcourse i can always do a refund, if you are not satisfied i'm happy to give your money back. but maybe we can work something out and you can help me improve my class!

do i need to have a computer?

yes sweetheart, this is an online class. you have access on your mobile device, computer or laptop. you will receive a personal login code and every week you'll receive an email when the lesson is ready.

do i need fancy art supplies?

not really. you can use whatever you have on hand. i do have supply lists for all the pages i've made, but again, this is not a 'normal' art class and you can create whatever you want with the supplies you love to use.

do i have to be an artist?

no silly! as long as you have something that can work as an art journal (notebook, sheets of paper, anything will do!) and some art supplies you are good to go! this class is here to make you LOVE & FREE yourself more. it's about PLAYING with your art supplies and feel good :D

are you really that cute?

ahhh thanks for asking, YES i am. don't ask my children though :D
  • disclaimer





I tried to accurately represent this class and how this can change your life. But there's no guarantee that you will change how you feel, how you create art and how much time you can give yourself a day to create art. If you will love & free yourself more, is totally up to you really, I am 'only' giving you my tools, tips & techniques to work on it! I can give you 1 promise though: it sure doesn't work, if you don't... <3